“You cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if you have not eaten well.” – Virginia Woolf

Snack Alot offers a wide range of quality snack packs including; snack packs for school, snack packs for work, snack packs for events and travel. Our aim is to provide affordable quality snacks that offer; variety, nutrition and snack packs for those moments when a little indulgence into some yummy snacks that don’t quite make the approval ratings of a dietician.

No MSG - No Tartrazine - Just Good Food

Snack Packs Boxess

Our range of snack packs include:

  • School Snack Pack
  • Work Snack Packs
  • Event Snack Packs
  • Travel Snack Packs
  • Design you own Snack Pack


Bulk Snacks

We also offer a range of single snacks that can be bought in bulk packs.

Other Goodies

We also offer a range of:

  • 250g & 500g Nuts
  • Muesli’s
  • Snack Bars
  • Sweets

Gift Packs

We also offer a variety of gift packs, for special occassions or thank yous. Contact Us with you requirements.


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All our in house packaging is made from biodegradable materials. Our plastic bags are made from corn starch and wood cellulose, these plastics offer the same advantages as normal plastic bags, with the added advantage that they are are compostable. Other packaging we use include paper bags and cardboard.

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